Nartarsha D.
Superstar Family Members

I came to my now partner in crime and newly designated family member, Nartarsha, with a jacked up haircut from an idiot who had no clue what the meaning of layers meant, layers!!  Now how hard is it  achieving layers when you call yourself a stylist, you tell me!!

Oh, but I digress.  Anyway, I came in and walked out looking like a movie star!  I knew I was fly when the fat lesbian at my office at that time complimented me on my hair.  It wasn't exactly the direction of compliments I was seeking but hey, I was willing to take what I could get.  Since that time, although I have strayed some from the superstar path with my own personal experiments with my hair, I can rest assure that no matter what craziness I succumb my hair to, I know my girl will always be there to fix it, lol!!

I have rocked blonde weaves, curly weaves, silky straight hair and have never had so much fun in a salon EVER!!!  That is my testimony, halleulejuah, Thank Ya Jesus for my girl Nartarsha who without which I still may be walking around with a lopsided style that was called layers by an idiot!!

Mara (T) Floyd


 Thank you so much Nartarsha for doing my hair & getting me out the salon in a reasonable amount of time. My last stylist would keep me in the salon for long periods of time, & you got me in & out in less than 2 & 1/2 hours for everything that I got done! My husband loves my new haircut & it is so healthy looking! I got my "sexy" back!



 Wow, my hair feels so much better & healthier already after just one treatment! My sew in weave looks & feels so soft & natural looking! It is not even bumpy like when my previous stylist did my hair! I just wish I would've found you earlier, girl! Thank you so much Superstar Stylist! I'm glad to be a SUPERSTAR!



 Nartarsha, the girlfriend was in the house tonight.  Thanks for the great hairdo.


 I just had to call & thank you so much for doing an excellent job on my hair! I've gotten so many compliments on my Fusion Extensions, & my husband really loves it! Thank you again!



 Hey Nartarsha, Thanks for making me look good. Check me out in Big E's video on MTV & BET !!

         Cassandra P.

Although I moved away from Houston over one year ago, I still tell folks about the wonderful stylist you are, & how I always received compliments on any hair style, weaves, & relaxers.  Nartarsha is knowledgeable & able to provide the appropriate ( & individualized) hair care of each client.

        Dawna R.



"I had the most wonderful experience with Nartarsha. She is an excellent stylist that really listens to the needs & wants of us clients. She told me exactly what I needed for my hair, & my hair is beautiful. I will be back. Thank you so much!"
-A very Happy Client!!!
"Your salon is so nice & clean.  When I come to receive services, I don't have to worry about unsanitary utensils nor shampoo bowls.  I have been to other "shops" & this is much better & more professional.  I don't even have to worry about getting a hair trim, when I ask for one, because I know it is going to truly be a TRIM, not a CUT!  I love the website & how professional & up to date it is as well.
-Mesha M. 
Thank you Nartarsha for always being able to accommodate my appointments.  I really appreciate it!  I will always remember to refer people to you that are looking for an excellent stylist.  
-Sarah B. 
Thanks for keeping me looking like a Superstar!  It has been great.
-Adesuwa I.
I am so proud of you. I love this. You know that I would have kept bugging you anyway if you didn't start this email newsletter. Please keep sending to me. I would be reading every detail of it.
-Adesuwa I. 
"I found Nartarsha after getting my hair done by another stylist that colored my hair too light, which left my hair very thin, fragile, dry, & damaged.  Since I have been coming to her over the past 2 & 1/2 years, my hair has been restored to being very healthy & moisturized.  She recommends nothing but the best products for my hair & my mother's hair.  Even when she does my weaves, they are very natural looking, not bulky, nor too thick.  We have grown to become friends as well & I always say that I am her favorite superstar!"
-Shalaire G.
 "I can't tell you how much I appreciate the nice balance of professionalism and comfortable "at-home" atmosphere you have at Superstar Stylist Beauty Spa. Nartarsha has helped to make my transition to Houston much easier, and by doing so, making it better for my family, 'cause we all know that "if Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"! LOL Also, can I just say that my girls from Dallas are so jealous when I tell them I can make my appointments on-line. "

- Christi B.


 I wanted to take time to say Thank you for the wonderful service that you have given me, I had been searching for a good stylist and I found one, you are truly anointed. God has given you a great gift, I look forward to you assisting me in growing my natural hair back to it's former status. May God continue to bless you."

-Carrie B.

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Service Expectation:
Affirm Relaxer
Phyto Relaxer
Malaysian Weave (lasts 5 weeks)
Net Weave (lasts 12 weeks)
Strand by Strand Fusion (lasts 16 weeks)
Undetectable Sew In Weave (lasts 10-12 weeks)
Moisture Hydrating Treatment (for dry brittle dull hair or itchy scalp)
Stimulating Reconstructor Treatment (for breakage split ends dry hair or weak hair)
Design Essentials Kera Care or Redken Home Maintenance Program

 Superstar Personal Experience Testimonies


"Just went to my birthday lunch, and everyone loved my hair! You are so gifted!!!!"


Brenna S.


"I've stayed with Nartarsha for 4 years because not only is she a great stylist, she a great businesswoman. No chatting on the phone or schmoozing with other stylists during your appointment. Nartarsha respects my time."

Imani W.


"I love how Nartarsha D. not only styles my hair attractively but has made it grow so beautifully. People ask me if it is real. "

Adrienne M.


"Nartarsha's recommendation for my daughter's hair has made her happy to begin learning to style her own hair. Yea for her and Mommie! :)"

Nicole B.


"I love Nartarsha D.! Definitely book your next appointment here! She gives you and your hair the personal attention deserved. I would highly recommend her."

Sharon A.


"Nartarsha has been doing my hair for a little over a year. Since the first day Nartarsha started doing my hair, I have been very pleased with her services. I had an area in the back of my head where my hair was short and patchy. This area of hair has grown back and is thicker. Thanks to Nartarsha my hair is healthier than it has been in a long time and is continuing to grow. The hair studio has a comfortable setting. Nartarsha has a great personality and she really makes me feel at home every time I am in the shop. I also like how knowledgeable she is about how to take care of hair, what products to use and when certain treatments are needed. I will recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone who does an excellent job with hair and more!

 Sharon Alexander"

Tiffani M.


"Nartarsha's expertise for styling hair is fierce and on point! She is professional as well as personable while styling your hair and she creates the style and look you want. You will walk out feeling like a SuperStar for sure! Look no further because she should be your stylist!"