Nartarsha D.

 Superstar Stylist Nartarsha D. & "Housewives of Atlanta" star stylist, Dwight

*Bronner Bros. MidWinter Hair Show 2012


 Superstar Stylist Nartarsha D. & "Good Hair" movie star stylist, Freddie J.

*Bronner Bros. MidWinter Hair Show 2012

Frontal Lace Net Weave, Wigs, & Lace Closure Certified

Phyto Specific Relaxer Certified  

Mizani Certified
Fusion Certified
Design Essentials Certified
Avlon Certified
Weaving Certification 
2006-2007 Salon Essence
Essence Magazine
2007 Elite Style Magazine 
2007 Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine
2007 Platform Stylist for Houston Beauty & Trade Show w/ Royal Imex 
2008 Hair Style Trendz Magazine
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Nartarsha Davis

Cosmetology Instructor, AAS

Master Educator Stylist & Platform Artist