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Nartarsha has a solution for you if you suffer from minor or major hair loss due to:
chemotherapy treatments
recent pregnancy
or if you just want a change in your look.
Hair Extensions (Weaves) are part of fashion, trend, and style. Superstars often try extension or weave services to make a change in hair cut, color, texture, style or for adding fullness and length. Extensions can be used as a temporary solution for hair breakage and damage, or for long term thinning and balding. There are several techniques available to you with Nartarsha D. Because no two individuals are alike in every way, there is no one size fits all, with hair extension or weave service. A consultation is highly recommended for superstars who are trying these services, particularly for first time service. The following information is for guidance when considering hair extensions.

The greatest consideration with hair extensions is your budget. The cost of hair is normally separate because of the wide choices in quality and cost. When purchasing hair is for short term use, low cost hair is okay, but not recommended. When you want to wear your weaves or extensions for 8 weeks or more, go for better quality with our 100% VIRGIN INDIAN HAIR, which can be ordered directly through Nartarsha D. It is suggested that Superstars make frequent salon visits(1-2 weeks) as recommended by Nartarsha, when wearing hair extensions. First we will start with extension techniques. The various techniques cost different amounts& varies according to the needs of the Superstar. 


The main cause of hair loss can be attributed to the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the buildup of oils on the scalp due to overactive sebaceous glands, or vitamin deficiency. The buildup of DHT and oils on the scalp cause hair follicles to shrink and hair to shed prematurely. These traits will make hair much finer and thinner, eventually leading to baldness.

If the follicle is damaged by these known causes, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. Only through professional treatment with Nartarsha & her staff, can the follicles be rejuvenated to produce a thick, healthy head of hair. Nartarsha's treatment plans will stimulate blood flow to the follicles allowing it to breakdown the build up of oils and DHT. This transformation will return the follicles to a healthy state and will promote the natural hair life cycle.


Hair Loss Solutions & Benefits of Treatment Plans: 
Water, Water, Water, is the main ingredient for our body's good health & especially the health of our hair.  Drink at least 10, 8 oz., glasses of water daily to  replenish the hair & skin's natural moisture. Hair vitamins are another plus.  Taking a  recommended hair vitamin which is sold exclusively through Nartarsha & her staff, can jump start the hair's natural growth.  Reducing STRESS is another factor in the hair's good health.  Major life changes often come our way, so we need to be able to handle the stress in a positive& relaxing manner.  These are only a portion of what it takes to solve the hair loss problems in individuals, & because everyone is different, a private  consultation would be needed to determine the best treatment plan for you.  Benefits:
Stress Reduction 
Restores your own natural hair.
Increases blood supply to the scalp.
Stops hair loss in 90% of Superstars
Repairs damaged hair shafts, resulting in an increase in volume.
Reduces excess levels of DHT hormones that contribute to genetic thinning.
Alleviates scalp irritations, such as dryness, peeling, excessive oiliness, or itchiness.
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NO LUMPS nor BUMPS Sew in (Sewing) & Net Weaves
This is for the individual that would like have hair sewn in with no lumps or bumps.  It is ideal for those with major thinning, or hair loss in any area of the head, or for those who who would like to give their hair complete rest.  It avoids adding too much tightness to the scalp.  Hair extension (sew-ins) attached to a cornrow braid foundation, can be used to add hair. The cornrow braid's direction vary due to the style that the indivual may want for their hair.  EVERYONE'S HAIR IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY BRAIDED INTO A CIRCLE. This technique is great for extra length and fullness with some of the client’s hair out. This technique can also be used to braid up the client’s entire head of hair sewing in a completely different style. Clients can go from short to long or long to short using any color or texture of hair with a variety of style choices. Nartarsha D. specializes in net weaves for clients with thinning hair. Additionally, the net works well for all full head sew ins when the client wants to put away all of their own hair. Full head sew ins are frequently used by natural hair clients who want to go straight. Client can leave some of their hair out or completely close and cover all of their hair. Sew in services can last up to 8-12 weeks, depending on the care of the hair. Sew in extension services start around $250 & up for shampoo, condition, blowdry, sew in hair, cut and style for added length and fullness. Net Weave sew ins average $305& up for shampoo, condition, blowdry, sew in w/ net design, cut and styling.
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